Friday, February 15

CNY 2013 - Chor 1,2 and 3

Whooo finally got some time off from my busy cny days to update a lil here.
Sooo...yes,chor 1!The usual mornings when we wake up (supposingly) feeling all fresh to greet everyone and get ang pows.hahah.Yeap,had the same tradition where we gathered for breakfast with some hainanese tea and fried lin gou :) And of course,received ang pows from all my ederly ones.
Then sis came and joined us for breakfast.That was probably baby v's first big appearance.I swear to you,the moment she stepped out of the car everyone was surrounding baby v like she's some sort of superstar lol.

And again,the usual tradition.
Went to kopitiam to meet the other family friends before lunch to bai nin.
We got some visitors over for lunch too.It was indeed...a lot of people everywhere.haha.

Wont be blogging much about the rest of the days in Frasers because it basically the same thing,family dinners,fireworks,gambling,hosting etc etc etc.Pictures to sum things up!

Wednesday, February 13

CNY 2013 - Eve

Just got back from Fraser Hill at about 7-ish just now and headed straight to another party in ipoh.
Soooo I just wanna use as much free time that I have now to update about cny this year.Pretty sure its gonna be the same old posts that I write about every year (because cny is all about traditions?)

Starting off with the eve of cny.
Well this is probably the most important event for the all chinese people,I mean...usually.
Its alllll about the reunion dinner :) Just the typical stuffs you know,like...all family members come back to their beloved hometown to feast with their beloved family with lots and lots of good chinese food?Yeap,those typical stuffs.
Sooo..that was I had too!Went back to Fraser Hill in the morning with a WHOLE LOAD OF BAGS (because I wanna look good and I have to take extras just in case I get all fickle-minded).

It feels know.
Being in a cold environment and meeting the cousins which I havent really met in a while.hehe.
Sooo unpacked everything into our room and helped mum with packing the ang pows.Just the usual routines that I do every year :)

 Some pics on my reunion dinner :)
Just some shots of the place :)

 Reunited with Maggie ! <3 i="">

 Tau Fu Kang (looks like shark fin,huh? )

 Hainanese Chicken 

 Abalone *mmmmmm*


 I really dont know what is this called.Something with the glass noodle.

 Aunt's AMAZING cooking :)

Taken in the recreation room

Mummy hahahaha

Me and naughty boy :P

Will update on my chor 1 and chor 2 tomorrow.
Meeting e girls for dim sum yay !

Thursday, February 7

Filling in

Just for the sake of updating the blog,here I'm going to blog about what I did most of the time during my break,SO FAR.
Okay...maybe not gonna tell you every little thing that I did.just gonna let you know the game I played to fill in my free times.And if you really jean for a long time,you should probably know that the only game jean used to play is The Sims :D

I remembered how I used to be this tiny little innocent girl watching her sister playing this game where she controls the characters' motion and happily building lots and placing furniture around.Then that was when I was first introduced into this game.Honestly there's nothing exciting about this game.There isn't reallllyyy any main objective to be achieved and unlike games like L4D,Need for Speed,Plants vs Zombies and all the other adrenaline rushing games,the sims is more of do i put this?Something relaxing?haha.It really teaches you nothing but somehow I got addicted to this game.Played from the first installment to the second and now the third!

So the current one that I'm playing right now is The Sims 3.
Without any add-ons yet because this dumbo doesnt know how to install them herself :/
Okay here's one itsy bitsy confession.I used to,USED TO use cheats to get big houses and nice furniture for my sims.I think everyone used to do that too?heh.You know the usual cheats like "kaching" and "motherlode".and oh!I learnt motherlode from zenli :D
This time I did not!I literally started from the amount that the sims I chose to work.The lazy me didnt even create a sim and I just randomly picked it from somewhere :P

 The small house which I first started with.Furniture were already in the house so those are definitely not my choice haha.

 As my money grew,started buying better furniture and look!A pool :)

 Bought this house when my sim finally reached the top of his music business and married :)

Oh Oh!Got the fertility treatment reward from getting so many achievements done for both my sims.Results?A triplets when they finally "try for baby" LOL
Babies room 

So thats it.
Another boring day of jean's life :D

Sunday, February 3

Fab Feb?

In accordance to the title,yesh its Feb already.
And its officially the first week of my break.Not sure whether its a good or bad thing but all I know is that...I only have 2 more weeks here in my comfort home before returning back to kl for a new sem :/

Soo..this is the last weekend for this year's cny festive season begins.
Sis and I were feeling all worried since we didnt really have the time to go for shopping to get us some new clothes for the new year.And our aim is just to get a nice dress for chor 1 and thats it.Yes I do have some new dresses but really need one with some cny elements in it.You get me? :/

Things werent as easy as before.
What I really meant was gone were the days where sis and I can just go out shopping anytime we want but its different now since we had to consider the baby.hahaha.anyways we did promised each other for days that WE MUST GO OUT THIS WEEKEND TO GET US SOME CLOTHES!
It became an obligation,not a desire.hahaha.So what better places that we can get some clothes but to go for some boutique invasion in Ipoh Garden South.
Pretty sure you ipoh-langs reading this know that we have like lots of boutiques around that area and we PROBABLY could get everything we need in one place without needing to travel here and there :)

The weather was really hot.Like BURNING HOT.
So sis and I were a lil frustrated after visiting 3 or 4 boutiques.
Then we decided to sit down for tong sui but managed to stop by one of the boutique on the way.
Much to our surprise,we got everything we want there!Like omg finallyyyyy something that catches our eyes.Well the thing about sis and I is that we may like some dresses but we could immediately tell if they are THE ONE. (omg sounds like picking husband)

After much trying on these are what we manage to get :D

                                AT least something red for cny
(Sis's pick)

 Sis's pick

 My pick

Okay so I couldnt find anything red for myself.
So i'm sorta deciding to wear the orange one or the pink lacey one for chor 1.Help?

Anyway,the dresses above are for the both of us plus mummy.
Thats just how we roll.We buy clothes of good value because we always always swap clothes between each other to add in more varieties in our closet heheh.

Will blog more about it soon :)

Friday, February 1

Sis's 32nd :D

First of all,
hahah so this time she turns 32.Well she doesnt really like the number,cause that shows how old she is right now and she's always thinking that she's some kind of 18-year old teenager *pfft*.

With love <3 i="">

So we both thought that this year will be like the last's,you know..just a family dinner to acknowledge the fact that she turns a year older (once again ,something she's trying to escape lol ) .And thats cause her hubby wont be here anyway,like last year.But plans changed and we had her bday dinner about 2 days earlier since her hubby is around.Just a simple family dinner @ The Banjarans Hotspring Retreat.
I've heard of the place from Wesley who stayed there during his visit to Ipoh.What he told me was that the place is realllllyyyyy nice and that staying in the resort itself is already a good vacation lol.

Well,it was indeed an AMAZING place!
Was told by bro-in-law that it was only opened to public recently.Apparently before this,the place was only reserved for people who is of upper class or the guests of the hotel.Sooo..lucky us??hahaha.
It was indeed an experience for us as we dined in a REAL CAVE for the first time.Sounds pretty scary but its not,trust me.I could really feel the beauty of the place and its well decorated inside with candles and wine bottles.A slight vintagy feel to it :) was pretty dope I have to say.Couldnt take many pictures cause its kinda dark inside and all I manage to take is the menu wth.And its not even clear.double wth.

Pictures taken from the net !

 Anyway,I just bought sis a cake.
Didnt really "celebrate" her bday this year.Strange.Even she is not too much in the mood.Feels like just another day.Anyway,we did went out to jj to grab Coffee Bean and she got a free slice of cake from them :)

This year's birthday is just different without Oscar around.
Well it indeed is a happy thing to have Victoria around though.She was staring at us thinking what is going on with all the candles and singing.Ahhh adorable little thing!

 "Mummy,what are you doing?"

 Sis's first birthday being a mother :)

 We're gonna be the greatest sisters/aunt-niece/mother-daughter LOL

Oh come onnn,I'm sure you have the urge to pinch those chubby pair of cheeks!

E family,without the most amazing person (me,duhhh) who became the photographer

Trust me,this is her idea to camwhore.Seems like she's not getting any older anyway -__-

Dont ask me what I got for her.
I mean...
she's already related to ME what more can she ask for?

Before leaving,